Super Wife’s Three Babies

Chapter 1447 The Necklace Thief

Alice continued, "You've been urging me to deal with Doctor Maxwell's matters these past few days. So
today, let's talk about it. I'm sure you're so enthusiastic because you have new evidence. Come on,
let's hear it."

After Alice spoke, the crowd fell silent again. It appeared that the Queen was in an uneasy mood today.


Alice suddenly called out and her voice sounded intimidating.

Silas was startled and immediately responded, "Your Majesty."

"I remember you've been pushing for this matter these past few days. Let's hear what you have to say,"
Alice said.

She spoke authoritatively, not allowing anyone to interject.

Silas' heart sank upon hearing that.

When he saw Doreen just now, he knew Lucian had fooled him. Now that the Queen had called him
out, it was evident that she would blame him.

He hurriedly explained, "Your Majesty, I don't have new evidence, but the evidence from that day is
enough to prove that Olivia is unreliable. I am concerned about General Bleu's condition and want to
prevent any future problems out of goodwill."

Hearing that, Alice narrowed her eyes and persisted, "Who are you keeping? Doctor Maxwell or me?
Even if you don't believe in Doctor Maxwell, do you not believe in me either? Do you think I would let
someone who knows nothing treat General Bleu? "

The anxious Silas was sweating profusely as he looked at Alice. Accusing the queen would be too
grave a charge.

But at this moment, he had no choice but to explain cautiously, "N-No, it's not like that. I'm afraid that
you, Your Majesty, might be misled by that thief. When you care too much, things get chaotic. I didn't
mean anything else."

"Who's the thief? Do you have proof?" Alice's expression darkened.

Silas hurriedly answered, "No, no."

"No? Then, why do you call her that?" Alice pressed on, leaving no room for mercy.

When Lucian noticed that Silas was being overwhelmed by Alice's questioning, he quickly stepped
forward and said, "What Mr. Cadwell is trying to say is that everyone saw in the video that the person
who stole the necklace that day was Olivia. Everyone saw the item in her bag too, so isn't it obvious?
Our country, Eurosia, is a country governed by the rule of law. Alice, even if you want to protect
someone, you still have to follow the law, and in everything, you still have to look at the evidence,

Hearing that, Alice looked at Lucian and nodded in agreement, "Yes, we need to see the evidence.
Why did Doctor Maxwell steal something and not immediately dispose of it but instead keep it in her
bag, waiting to be caught? How many people's hands did it pass through from the guards to you? How

can you prove that Doctor Maxwell stole it? Do you know who Doctor Maxwell is? She is the renowned
Doctor Bailey, and her consultation fees cost at least a million. The man standing next to her is
Eugene, the head of the Nolan Group and the owner of Promise Island. Do you think she would tarnish
her reputation by stealing a necklace? What are you thinking? Are all of you idiots?"

She was quite blunt in her words, and she scolded both Lucian and the consuls in one go.

But strangely, the whole room fell silent!

It was dead silent!

That man is... Eugene?

Eugene's name was well-known, but few had seen his face. How could they know that he would come
in such a low-key manner?

No wonder his presence was so powerful. No wonder he said that if they were treated unfairly, it
wouldn't just be a war between him and Lucian, but a war between two countries.

That was Eugene, the wealthiest man in the country. Many companies were under the Nolan Group,
and several of their projects received strong support from the country.

If he was being wronged here, Criecia would not let it go.

Given Eugene's wealth, he could buy the whole Eurosia. How could they think he came here to steal

Did they think he was just a boy toy living off someone else?

Does he look like someone who lived off others?

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