That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 713 Suspecting Wyatt

A sudden notion dawned on her.

Could it be that beyond some of the Russell family, Pop had attracted adversaries? But his life and
connections were uncomplicated, and she couldn’t seem to come up with anyone who might bear a
grudge against him.

Past disputes, maybe? But her knowledge of Pop’s history was limited. Anxious thoughts churned
within. Josie. After some contemplation, she retrieved the medical qualification certificate with the bold
‘Rivodia City Hospital’ written on the box.

“Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell instructed us to keep you within Mason Garden…..”

The servant stood by the doorway, attempting to obstruct her exit.

“I just spoke with him. He’s fine with me going out.”

The servant was skeptical. “Well… unless Mr. Russell confirms that, we can’t permit you to leave….”

Given Josie’s feeble condition, her ashen appearance suggested a gentle breeze could knock her over.
Josie was darn sure Dexter wouldn’t entertain her request even if she reached out to Dexter.

Taking a deep breath, she had no choice but to retreat to her bedroom.

There was an external staircase extended from the bedroom balcony. However, the door at the base
was locked. She’d need to climb over the wall if she wanted to escape this dungeon.

Josie descended the stairs carefully and was just about to hoist herself over the wall when the servant
noticed her. “Mrs. Russell! Stop right there!”

She was already halfway up the wall..

Upon hearing the plea, she summoned a final burst of energy, managed to clear the wall’s edge, and
landed on the other side. “I’ll talk to Dexter. Don’t follow me!”

With those words, she jumped down, tumbling onto the grass due to the momentum. Her ankles
throbbed, and she limped away.

Before pulling away from Mason Garden, Josie dialed Dexter’s number. She was determined to take
action and fill him in later. However, he only picked up right before the call disconnected. “Hello.”

It was the same woman’s voice as before. Josie had identified her by now. She kept her query concise.
“Where’s Mr. Russell?”

“Mr. Russell is occupied.”

Then make sure you let him know I’ve left Mason Garden. I’m heading to find Wyatt.”

Sounds of scribbling filled the other end. “Noted.”

With that confirmation, Josie hung up.

Her first destination was Carter Residence. Andy, spotting her, was taken aback. “Mrs. Russell?
What’s… Aren’t you worried about angering Mr. Russell?”

Josie’s brows knitted. I’m looking for Arnold.”

“Mr. Carter isn’t here.”

“Why the charade?” While waiting outside, she noticed the illuminated interior of Arnold’s office.

Josie surged ahead.

“Hey! Mrs. Russell! You can’t just enter…” Andy attempted to stop her, employing minimal force and
lacking any serious intention of preventing her.

A subtle scent of red wine in the air.

Arnold’s features were striking, yet his smile held an intriguingly dangerous charm. “Turning my office
into a club, huh? Come as you wish. Barge in, and no knocking necessary, huh?”

Josic stepped closer, her hands resting on the desk, her expression intense.

“Where’s Wyatt?”

Arnold casually picked up a pen and toyed with it. “Why are you asking me? He’s a Russell, not a
Carter. How would I know?”

“Let me rephrase. Where’s my father?”

This time, he halted the pen’s twirl and regarded her seriously. “Your father’s missing? You got
suspicions that Wyatt’s got his hands dirty?”

Arnold’s mind raced. “You’re not saying I had Wyatt on my leash and gave him instructions, are you?”

“Is that not the case?”

“Of course not!” He retorted swiftly.

“I don’t believe you!”

Arnold chuckled. “So, anything unfortunate related to you must be my doing, right? You asked, I
answered, and then you doubted my response. What exactly are you expecting from me?”

“Wyatt is alone and stranded in Wavery. You’re his only lifeline, his only hope. Besides, you’ve met him.
before. I can’t believe there’s no collusion between you two.”

Josie’s tone grew frostier with every word.

“Arnold, I’ll ask one more time. Where is he?!”

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