That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 711 With Russell Family’s Power

Josie recounted the events, her body trembling uncontrollably. She was terrified! Only in Dexter’s
presence could she let her guard down..

Dexter patted her shoulder. “The police are onto it already. We should have results soon.”

Josie shook her head. “No, I have a hunch that something’s wrong. Could it be Wyatt? We speculated.
before that he might target Pop.”

Dexter held her hand and walked out of the conference room. “Let’s go to the place where Pop used to
live. Maybe he got confused and went back on his own.”

This reminded Josie. Yes, Pop might have become confused again.

“But isn’t it a little too coincidental that the surveillance camera chose to malfunction at this very

“Jo, you’re too riled up. Dexter gazed at her, trying to ease her tension.

Dexter tightened his grip on her hand, not returning to his office but heading straight for the elevator.

Leanne hurriedly exited the secretary’s office and asked a colleague, “Has Mr. Russell’s meeting not
ended yet? His coffee’s gone cold.”

The colleague’s expression was evasive. “Mr. Russell has already left.”

“What? He has left?” Leanne was surprised.

“Mrs. Russell stopped by, and they left together.”

Dexter drove Josie to Paul’s previous residence. However, the place had been vacated since he moved
out,” and it remained locked from the outside, barring entry without a key.

One possibility had been nullified.

Josie’s initial optimism dwindled, replaced by mounting anxiety. “What should we do if he isn’t here…”

Dexter remained silent. He dialed Mason Garden.

“Oh my! Mr. Warren still hasn’t returned. This is getting really concerning!” The voice on the other end
was frantic.

With dusk approaching, Josie’s heart sank further. “He isn’t here, nor is he there. Where could he be?”

If anything happens to Pop, what am I gonna do?

“Call Justin, Dexter suddenly suggested.

Josie recalled Justin. Her hands shook as she dialed the number. The call connected, and Justin’s
voice came through; he asked, “Sis? What’s up?”

The tone struck a chord with Josic, and she lifted her gaze to meet Dexter’s eyes.

Justin was puzzled. “Where else could I be if not at work?”

Their father hadn’t gone to find Justin.

“Ah, it’s fine. I’ve gotta go.” Josie hung up immediately, not wanting him to know about their father’s

Dexter understood her concern. He held her trembling body, murmuring. “Hold on for me.”

He stepped away and made a call. Josie missed his conversation. He returned shortly, holding her
hand. once more. “Let’s wait for updates.”

Josie’s body felt chills all over, and she was puzzled. “… What’s going on?”

I’ve initiated the Russell network to search. We’ll likely receive leads within a day.”

Dexter hadn’t relied on the Russell family’s influence in a long time. They had amassed their wealth
through the most basic means and had partially redeemed their reputation. Dexter had deliberately.
avoided employing their resources.

The Russell network excelled in legal and covert operations, following strict protocols while executing
the most covert tasks.

Nonetheless, this evening, the network was unexpectedly being put into action. It was a given that
something significant had unfolded.

Each member was a rare talent, dispersed across various roles in the ordinary world, adept at masking
their identities. Not all carried the Russell name, but they served the family with unwavering allegiance.

Exaggerated rumors abounded, suggesting they held the power to uncover any concealed information.

After Dexter’s father’s passing, he became the sole authority for rallying these dispersed individuals for
various tasks. I

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