That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 714 Follow Him

“I can’t say for sure,” Arnold threw his pen onto the desk, and it rolled off, landing close to Josie’s feet.

Her frustration peaked. Yanis was locked up in prison, and Wyatt was nowhere to be found, leaving
Arnold with the capacity to orchestrate such a ploy.

“Let me ask differently then,” Josie stated, calmly sitting and facing him. “did Wyatt tell you about his
plans? I know he came to you; there’s no need to deny it.”

Josie was acute and intelligent.

Arnold offered a faint smile. “He only mentioned needing my support and wanting to align with me;
nothing beyond that.”

Josie was skeptical. Worry creased her brows.

At that moment, Andy entered and murmured something to Arnold. Instantly, Josie was alert.

Arnold nodded, then resumed their prior conversation with a tinge of intrigue, “Let’s say, hypothetically,
it was Wyatt – but what is his motive?”

He’s got beef with Dexter for getting Yanis locked up. He’s looking for vengeance!”

“Yeah. But what’s that got to do with you?”

“Because I’m Mrs. Russell, the wife of his enemy. He might target someone close to me to get to

“Why would he target your father when there’s a horde of people around Dexter that he could use?”

Josie didn’t have a ready answer. She could sense the intricacies at play, but the crucial detail she
needed. was still out of her reach.

She glared at Arnold. “Fine. If you don’t want to tell me, I can find out myself.”

Perhaps clues lay within the medical qualification certificate Pop had left behind.

Josie decided to head to Rivodia to uncover the truth.

With that, she stood and left but was intercepted before she left the room, “Wait a minute.”

Josie pulled up but didn’t turn around.

Arnold walked up to her. A hand in his pocket, one casually on her shoulder. “I might know where
Wyatt’s held up.”

“Where is he?” Josie looked up expectantly.

“Wanna know?” Arnold enticed her. “Then follow me.”

Withdrawing his hand, he strolled toward the elevator. Josie watched his graceful stride, knowing that it
wouldn’t lead to anything good if she followed him. But she had no option but to oblige.

But in her heart, she couldn’t help and cursed Arnold a thousand times over.

Carter Group’s elevators were uniquely installed against the outer shell, functioning as observation
decks with sweeping vistas. Together, they rode the elevator down – Arnold relaxed while Josie was on

Josie hesitated when she learned that Arnold was headed to Sky Palace.

Hearing her unwillingness, he challenged casually, “Your call to come along or not.”

Ultimately, she budged.

Upon arriving at Sky Palace, Arnold guided her into his private suite on the top floor.

Josie’s eyes landed on a group of men deep in conversation and casually sipping their drinks. One
among them caught sight of them and greeted, “Well, well, Mr. Carter is here.”

“Apologies for my tardiness. Arnold shook hands all around before pouring himself a drink.

“Here’s a gesture of goodwill.”

He downed his glass in a single smooth motion.

And then, the others noticed Josie standing behind Arnold. They exchanged surprised glances, and
one exclaimed, “Wait, isn’t she Mrs. Russell?”

Deep down, they were speculating her relationship with Arnold seemed more than meets the eye.

Josie felt the urge to explain, but Arnold squeezed her hand. “We’re just here to hang out. Mrs. Russell
is just a title; she’s her own person, free to do as she pleases.”

Knowing glances were exchanged among the men, and most seemed to understand, sizing up Josie
with interest.

Meanwhile, Josie fought the urge to slap Arnold for his misleading words.

Even though they had business to discuss, with Josie around, they were uncomfortable and unsure
how to tread the information.

Arnold refilled his glass and said, “Go on, we’re in the same boat.”

Still, everyone was hushed.

Arnold turned his attention to one of them. “Say your piece, Scar.”

The dim lighting concealed the scar on the man’s face, which Josie hadn’t noticed until Arnold
mentioned his name.

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