That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 716 Bound

By this point, Josie had come to her wit’s end, and her voice turned hoarse with her frustration tipped
over. “But he’s not the only criminal on the run in the entire Wavery!”

Arnold paused in his attempt to dab her tears away, taken aback by her sudden outburst, “Wow. Easy
now. You sound pretty worked up.”

As Pop’s disappearance neared twenty-four hours, Josie was on edge, visibly worn out.

Arnold playfully pinched her cheek, “When was your last shut-eye?”

“Why do you care? I’m done here.”

Josie shoved him aside and unsteadily got to her feet, ready to leave.

Arnold’s grip gently pulled her back into place.

“Where do you think you’re going being in this state? Planning to walk right into the enemy’s clutches?
That’s a one-way ticket to disaster. They’ve got your Pop, and their motive’s likely more complex than
just wanting cash. They might be using him as leverage against you or Dexter.”

If it was about blackmail, the perpetrators would reveal their hands sooner or later.

In many ways, his words began to steady Josie, though worry still furrowed her brow. “What if they hurt.

Pop had just undergone surgery, so he wasn’t fit for additional stress.

Arnold forced her head against his shoulder, “Driving yourself crazy won’t help. Get some rest first, and
then we’ll talk about it.”

The wine packed more punch than Josie expected, and she was knocked out cold in no time.

Arnold held his breath and refrained from moving, Josie napping on his shoulder, seeming more
precious than any rare gem.

He turned his head to sneak a look at her serene sleeping face, an unfamiliar helplessness washing
over him.

Swiftly taking a snapshot with his phone, he looked at the picture with a satisfied smile.

Josie’s nap wasn’t long, maybe a couple of hours. As she sat up, wincing from the all-over soreness,
she glanced up at Arnold and shuffled back a bit, exclaiming. “What were you doing?!”

“Playing the knight in shining armor, and all I get is suspicion,” Arnold quipped, his tone relaxed as he
teased Josie, all while kneading his shoulder.

Just then, the private room’s door was swung open. “We’ve got a situation! Scar and the others have
been cornered and taken away!”

Arnold’s playful grin disappeared. “By whom?”

The waiter glanced at Josie and then at Arnold, … Dexter… Mr. Russell…”

Josie was equally stunned.

She was the first to bolt from the room, but thanks to his long legs, Arnold surged ahead and grasped
her arm, urging, “You need to lay low. Sneak out through the back exit. Go!”

Josie hesitated momentarily. Her concern was etched on her face. “What if he’s here for me?”

The irony struck – how had this scenario become reminiscent of an operation to catch a cheating

Arnold’s expression grew serious, his voice determined. “If he were after you, he wouldn’t have taken

Josie’s response was even quicker. Dexter must be tracing the clues to Wyatt, which led them here!

Arnold descended the staircase like a whirlwind, and Josie struggled to keep up, haphazardly clutching
the handrail for support.

Scar was held captive in the high-rise lobby, shocking those entering and exiting.

Amidst a contingent of bodyguards stood a man exuding an unsettling aura-a tangible threat hanging in
the air.

Bound to a pillar, Scar spat curses and profanity, his anger palpable. “Dexter Russell, if I catch even at
glimmer of opportunity, I’ll wipe out your whole d’mn family!”

Dexter’s stance was commanding, with his arms clasped behind his back. He subtly turned his head as
Arnold entered the crowd, and his smile icy..

“What’s the deal, Dex?” Arnold approached, a chilling grin tugging at his lips.

“Looks like your crew needs a better lesson in manners, Arnold. I shall do you this favor. Dexter
retorted, stepping aside.

His gaze shifted from Arnold to the woman behind him. Recognition flickered, his expression darkening
-an imminent storm brewing-

Josie held his gaze, unflinching, looking confused and concerned.

But in the next heartbeat, she noticed there was someone else, a woman, next to Dexter.

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